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This lesson covered the receptive skills of reading and listening. It taught that the purpose of each can be for either a specific purpose or for entertainment and that the purpose affects how a person reads and listens. The purpose of the reading or listening determines which skills are used while reading or listening: predictive, scanning, skimming, obtaining detailed information, or deductive reasoning. After covering the details of the receptive skills, the lesson covered useful techniques for cultivating receptive skills in students.On the whole a good lesson describing themes of teaching and explaining how lessons are constructed using case studies, frame working, and problem based learning. It also gives clear examples of lessons that may be used or adapted for future use. The unit also explained speech-act theory which was totally new to me but very interesting. The only problem I faced in the lesson was the use of games, as I have a learning disabilty and cannot process game theory, and so cannot fully understand the use of certain games under certain conditions.