TESOL Jobs Yamoussoukro Ivory Coast

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This unit was really helpful with a huge database of ESL sites and helpful suggestions for books and other learning/teaching materials. I feel like I've been looking for this for a while and now I finally have it! I wish this unit had been put a little sooner, perhaps even around the lesson planning unit, so that I could have known about all of these resources sooner. Either way, I will definitely refer to this unit in the future for games, dictionaries, and other resources in planning my lessons.Unit 9 was all about lesson plans, what the contents are, what the structure is, and how to use it. One of the main things that I've learnt is that planning too much is not necessarily an enhancement for the lesson itself. It can make lessons very inflexible and because of that more focused on the teacher. There should be more focus on the students however. Learning that and the other contents of this unit, I can now structure a lesson plan and still be flexible and adapt to the student's needs.