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This unit focused on evaluation. Students can evaluate their teacher and the content of the class. I will make sure to do so, in order to improve. There are different tests available to assess students. Placement tests are important to know what level of English courses students should be registering into. Progress tests are useful to evaluate what the students have remembered and acquired. Practice tests are given for preparation. Finally, there are numerous external examinations : TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Assessment, etc...For me conditionals and reported speech is something I usually do right, but I never knew why. Unit 16 is perfect summary of the grammar, short and right on target. This unit is also an excellent repetition of the present and past tenses and I really enjoyed working through it! The only part I didn't like was the \"nuclear bunker role play\", this is too dark for my taste and I wold never use it in the classroom. English lessons should be fun, not depressing. If I keep on working hard on this course, I will be a certified teacher soon!