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Classroom management is just as important as the lessons being taught. You could have a fantastic lesson planned out, but depending on how the lesson is presented, the students might not get the most out of it. It is important to plan ahead. You need to know what you are working towards before the students even arrive. It is also key to use veteran teachers to help you maintain classroom management. They can help you understand what students at that school typically need. They can also help you understand how the school works in general.Evaluating your lessons and testing the students would only help, because for both parties there would be an understanding of what is needed to work on as well as what the classes strong points are. When going through this unit I didn?t realize that there are many different types of English tests that one can take to asses their ability as well as can use those for career purposes as well as the study purposes. Knowing that learning a language is a process by testing and evaluating yourself can tell you whether you?re making progress