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In unit 11 we look analyze the various aspects of reading and listen (the receptive skills needed for learning languages). These are extremely important skills as students are able to continually absorb more vocabulary independently (although the productive skills are equally important). The method of reading (detailed, scanning, skimming, predicting) often depends on the situation (that the teacher presents): how much time the student has, how detailed the information is, and how relevant to the students immediate objective the text is.Same as with the previous unit (present tense), the distinction between simple, perfect, continuous and the perfect continuous are quite difficult. After completing the unit, one is able to understand the difference. The examples makes it easier to understand in accompaniment with the theoretical background. Similarities between the two tenses (present and past) may be difficult to distinguish for a non-English speaking student, but the clear rules set out in this unit serves as solid basis to learn the basics from which one can build.