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When I first read the unit 3 I was not so sure about what the ESA lesson was about, but with this unit I have totally understood how to use this structure in my futures classes. It could be more interesting to have more examples of activities in teaching language functions because it was the only part that only shows one lesson instead of showing techniques for teaching too. Besides that, I consider very helpful lesson 7 because I have not idea before about how to teach either new language structures or new vocabulary.Over the course of their experience, most teachers encounter various groups of students. Each group has its specific traits that the teacher should take into consideration. This unit analyzes the difficulties of teaching beginners, children, individuals, business people, and teaching a mono- and multilingual class. A helpful supplement to the chapter is a sample questionnaire (needs analysis) for business English students, which can help the teacher find out more about what students would like and need in the course.