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On reflection, unwiitingly, i have used several of these techniques in my teaching to date without realizing their purpose and relevance to the end result of the student's understnding of a word. I have typically used the academy's class books and exercises without understanding the importance of knowing an appropriate word to teach and the details surrounding the word i ought to teach, such as for instance, the word's frequency of use. I am looking forward to applying this new knowledge to my classes, and i am eager to see its outcome.There is a variety of types of classes and special groups to teach when in an EFL classroom. Depending on whether the students are absolute, beginners, young beginners false beginners or young adults, there is a different method to teaching each group. One must also take into consideration teaching one-on-one or individual classes. Teaching children can be one of the most rewarding groups to teach, because of their general willingness to learn. Class management must be taken into consideration depending on the age and size of the class.