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Passive voice, modals, and phrasal verbs are challenging concepts for language learners since they are often accompanied by many rules and exceptions, and often require a solid understanding of sentence structure (defining/recognizing a subject noun/verb/adverb, proposition etc). I think that both teachers and students can be overwhelmed by studying grammar structures; however, students can produce stronger, more expressive, and even more subtle uses of language in doing so. For example, modal phrases express degrees of certainty with some modals stronger than others (might vs. must).Sometimes the differences between the tenses is so negligible that a person can easily make an error. I have found it very helpful to go on-line to find additional grammar information regarding the tenses. I have been blessed to locate a site that offers numerous exercises that allows me to practice sorting out the tenses in gap fill sentences. I intend to continue practicing all the tenses regardless of the Unit I am working on. I am finding the tenses are making much more sense now and I look forward to being able to easily breakdown a sentence and name every word and it's purpose.