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R.H. – U.S.A. said:
Vocabulary, grammar and functions take an essential part in second language learning, being central to language teaching and of a paramount importance to a language learner at the same time. In claiming the significance of focusing on vocabulary, the teacher not only needs to teach lexis, but also should combine these together with grammar and functions. Lexical context and grammar are considered inseparable in nature, also completely interdependent, that is, the lexis consists of word, meaning patterns, while the grammar consists of structures and categorizes words according to such structures. Grammar forms the basis of a language whilst lexical content adds meaning to those structures. A simple analogy might be that of a main river and its tributaries. Therefore, vocabulary, grammar and functions are to be taught by neither implicit nor explicit methods exclusively, but rather by combining both approaches together to maximize the effectiveness of teacher's impact on the learner. A variable range of activities should be employed to help second language learners raise the consciousness for developing their own strategies for studying.