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At this point in the course, certain terminology is becoming more and more familiar. The ESA teaching methods presented have become less daunting and more predictable. I am finding that I am able to put together an array of ideas for a class structure with a bit of ease that once did not exist. :-) I still require more study to fully equip myself regarding grammar knowledge, however, I do believe that will come with simple repetition. I am really enjoying the videos though I was disappointed to discover there wasn't one for this unit.The videos were helpful in demonstrating the difference between an engaging teacher and one that knew the material but presentation and interest in students lacked. It was very hard to watch the first film. The teacher in the second film demonstrated the importance of putting the students first, by having them put their names on a piece of paper that was visible to all and then pronouncing the names and greeting each person. Although animal were requested, he did not recognize when a fish was given as an example, he wrote it down also.