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Although I was familiar with many of these methodologies, a few of them were new to me, specifically suggestopaedia. I enjoyed the different examples of activities that could be used as both engaging activities and during the study phase. Many of them I use already, but some of them were new ideas that I'm interested in trying. Today, for example, I tried the \"I'm going on a trip. I put a/some ___________ in my suitcase.\" My more advanced students were getting the hang of it and enjoyed it. My lower level students struggled with it.This unit is well constructed for lessons that have already established the language proficiency of the student(s). I would have wanted a unit on how to establish that proficiency level first. I'm hoping a future unit will delve into this area. As far as it goes, these ideas for a plan are great for a beginning teacher in ESL. Since I have incorporated these ideas for many years, I, understandably, am more interested in the transfer of what I know to what I need to know in the transfer of a Special Ed. curriculum to an ESL curriculum.