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A.M. - China said:
Unit seven is based on the method of teaching the grammar, vocabularies, and the importance of language function. Here we learn how to use the method of ESA to teach the students about them.memorizing vocabularies is difficult for students, so the appropriate vocabularies related to the lesson are chosen then by getting advantage of realia, pictures,mime,etc. the engage part will be started, then for study section there are other ways like crosswords, gap-fill exercises or the other ones, and it will be continuing by activate part that debating, role play or the other ways will be used in order to make the teacher sure about their complete understanding. For teaching grammar the other method has been recommended by this unit like, for engage scenario building or question and answer could be used, for study part information gap or the other examples of unit could be used ,and finally for activate like the others communication or role play are useful. the best thing about this unit is giving examples for each of them and showing how the patchwork or boomerang method could be used in the way of teaching.