TESOL Kansas Alabama

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In this unit, I learnt about the various teacing aids used in the classroom. I found useful tips on how to arrange a board when writing in order for the students to clearly follow what is being written and where. For example, organising the board into sections, like vocabulary, grammar, and maybe an extra info section, would be great in the classrooms I teach in. That way students can easily see which parts go where. I also understood a lot more about the benefits of the different equipment that can be used in the classroom. I always believed, being computer savvy, that using a Pc or smartboard in the classroom was the best and most efficient way to teach. Howver, after switching to a blackboard in my school, it is easy to see the benefits of both and the disadvantages of them too. The different links that were provided at the end of this unit were also very useful and I will make a database for the other students and teachers at my school, so they can access this information too.