TESOL Xuanwei

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L.R. - Australia said:
This unit taught me the basic methodologies of teaching and learning in classes. Basically I learnt how to teach in a class. What basic methods and techniques needs to be used in teaching children. ESA (engage study and activate) is an effective method of teaching. ESA is basically for new teachers and trainees. Engage is basically when you are simply engaging the students by just warming them up by their introduction sessions and general talking sessions, Study is when you are helping the students to construct english sentences to communicate and the entire focus is on the whole construction of the language, activate is when one uses role plays, debates, communication games, story writings and other activities to encourage the students to learn the language. Praising the students for their efforts for learning is very important. Also, correcting students for their mistakes and errors is also important but one should always remember that too much of correction is also not healthy for the students. Feedback should always be shared with the students to encourage their self awareness and improve them.