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S.K. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 17 listed and discussed advantages and disadvantages of the most commonly used resources in classrooms. These range from computers, videos and DVDs to worksheets, work cards and resource books. While technology is constantly changing some resources are utilized more than others, however, each still has a purpose. For instance, while overhead projectors might be falling on the wayside due to the rise of interactive whiteboards, they still serve a purpose. They can help focus students attention. They allow the teacher to keep facing the classroom instead of turning their back. Also, it is a great tool to use while providing feedback to the students. Recorders are another resource that can be effectively utilized in a classroom. The teacher can use them to record students communication for further evaluation or critique. They can also be used to record a teacher's own dialogue to be used in the classroom. In conclusion, there are many resources to be utilized within a classroom. All vary in how often they are used, but when used effectively they can have a positive outcome on the students.