TESOL Katowice

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C.W. - Taiwan said:
This unit provided insight into the management style of the classroom and the pros and cons of different choices with regard to seating arrangement, TTT vs. STT, and grouping possibilities. It also discussed potential problems in the classroom and how they can be avoided and/or dealt with. In classes I have taught before as a Teaching Assistant at university, I have found managing large groups quite difficult because I am naturally quite soft-spoken and do not have a natural command of the classroom. Furthermore, I was always a quiet and attentive student myself, so students who are loud or disrespectful in the classroom are a bit baffling to me. This unit provided some thought-provoking suggestions for how I might overcome this, such as relying more heavily on pair work than I have done in the past and setting up standards of discipline from the beginning rather than just hoping my students would be attentive and being unsure of how to react when they were not. Other tips like having students write on the blackboard rather than doing it myself might seem small but I think would go a long way in keeping the flow and energy of the classroom alive.