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A.L. – U.S.A. said:
I enjoyed the effort that Mark displayed throughout his two teaching demonstrations, the first video, I felt he was somewhat annoyed with the students or at least made it felt that he had better things to do than to teach them, he came across as unfriendly, and certainly made the students feel uninterested. I also didn?t like that he often told students that things were really easy, as if to make them feel inferior. Question 20 of the test sheet I really found challenging because as with all lessons there are in my opinion always things you can do after the fact to make thing have gone better in the class, I was torn between using the students native language to try to kick start the students into more conversation or using a secondary Activate stage. I really didn?t feel Marks? use of the ?can not? in written form and ?can?t? in spoken form to be of any confusion, so I could see how it would have made much difference. The second video he certainly relaxed the student and made them feel more comfortable to speak in the class through his friendliness and I also found his acting quite cool.