TESOL Kumamoto

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J.C. - Hong Kong said:
There is no perfect course book that a teacher can follow blindly but having access to course book can be extremely helpful. Course books are graded by level, they provide a continuity and they can give a tested and approved syllabus. They can nonetheless become boring to the students if the teacher relies completely on the textbooks, even good ones. Textbooks are written for the general population of students so they may include topics that should not be discussed in class in some cultures or the students may lack the background knowledge that is needed in order to understand the context. They wouldn't understand even if it was in their own language. The teacher has to complete the weaknesses of the textbooks by using other resources in order to cater to the specific group of students he or she is responsible for and answer their particular needs. Besides textbooks there are also many different material the teacher can use such as the wipe board in a systematic way, worksheets whether they be created or bought, flashcards whether bought or made and dictionaries. Teacher may use content that is created specifically for an ESL class or use authentic material such as newspapers, magazines, songs and so on. The most important thing being providing the students with a comprehensive, diverse and efficient syllabus.