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V.J. – U.S.A. said:
This unit presented two contrasting real-classroom teaching videos. The videos were wildly different, highlighting the impact of a teacher's attitude and teaching style on the success of the lesson. In the first video, students were extremely confused, quiet, and intimated, as a result of the teacher's demeaning and unfriendly attitude. In the second video, students were actively participating, excited, and understanding of the lesson, as a result of the teacher's positive and encouraging attitude. These videos effectively highlighted and presented why certain teaching strategies and methods are so effective in the classroom. For example, the second video clearly showed how smiling, gestures, follow up questions, and visual aids can spark interest and help students understand instructions or the lesson. These videos provided clear examples of the material taught in earlier units, such as using students' names, drilling, and using visual cues. This lesson really demonstrated how crucial teacher positivity, encouragement, and patience is to student learning and an enjoyable learning experience.