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In this very interesting unit I learned that teaching pronunciation is about more than just talking, and that it is often under-taught or lacking in ESL lessons. Intonation is a very important part of English speech, with each tone or stress on a syllable possibly bringing a different meaning to a particular word. As a native speaker from the UK this comes very naturally to me, but as a speaker from Scotland my intonation could be different from another speaker from the north of England and so the ability to recognise and teach these differences in intonation is important. In my recent study of Mandarin Chinese whilst living in China I have found that in this particular language tonal pronunciation is the most important part of overall pronunciation. Unlink English, in Mandarin the change in tone signifies a complete change in definition or meaning of a word, so the ability to think about/change intonation whilst speaking fluently has become very clear from my own experiences.