TESOL Layton Corners Delaware

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I've learnt what are receptive skills - reading and listening. There are two reasons why we use those skills - for a purpose and for entertainment - for example, looking for a certain piece of information in the paper to help us decide how to invest our money is reading for a purpose. Reading a book is an example for reading for entertainment. The students might have problems with long words and sentences, difficult structure, words that they aren't familiar with. Doing a listening comprehension poses a problem that reading doesn't have - they can listen only once. The solution to this is pre-teaching of the difficult vocabulary that might come up during the reading/listening texts. Another thing that is very important, is that the teacher chooses a text that interests the students and that has a challenge that's achievable - a text that would not be too easy, but not too difficult. A text that would make them think, but that they can solve.