TESOL Leiyang

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M.N. – U.S.A. said:
The unit looks at productive skills of writing and speaking plus having games in the classroom. Although the skill sets are different the common theme is to communicate. Students and teachers may find it easier to practice speaking in class than writing. Writing is often used for homework, where the student has more time to focus. There are a number of different activities that can be done to help students gain both accuracy (use of the correct language and language structure) and fluency (flow of communication allowing experimentation with language and creativity.) Whether accuracy or Rouen ynthe teacher should note areas of common mistakes and errors within the class and address common mistakes or errors of the group but pull individuals aside if they have additional areas that need improvement. Whether speaking or writing the teacher needs to make sure the students are engaged and have interest in the topic. When looking for games to incorporate into the class, it's recommended to go with common games that all may know and can be easily adapted to allow use of the English language.