TESOL Lianjiang

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M.G. - Singapore said:
This unit has been particularly helpful to me because I am most likely going to be using my TEFL certificate to teach children one-on-one. I am hoping to teach online, a relatively new industry which poses unique challenges and opportunities. Most of the information about creating a lesson plan for children is even more important and applicable to this format because it is even harder to keep someone engaged over Skype than in a classroom. It is also important to receive reminders about why it is not helpful to use students' native language when teaching. This initially came as a surprise to me because most of my own foreign language teachers have used English frequently in the classroom, but I can now see how this might have been inhibiting. However, my knowledge of Chinese, most likely my students' native language, is probably still helpful in speaking with parents about their children's progress and building rapport with other people in their lives. I do not plan to teach Business English at this point, but it is good to feel more prepared if this opportunity were to arise in the future.