TESOL Linghai

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H.K. - Philippines said:
This unit explored the use of course books and materials (both authentic and created) for the purpose of teaching English. Authentic materials refer to materials that a native speaker would be exposed to in daily life (such as television advertisements, newspaper articles and popular songs). Created materials are materials which are created by the teacher to assist students in learning (such as crosswords, flashcards and picture stories). The unit also highlighted that there is ongoing debate regarding the use of course books, with many teachers strongly for or against their use. There are undoubtedly pros and cons to the use of course books, and prior to their use, teachers should consider their quality and appropriateness to the specific level and needs of their student/s. A good teacher will not rely solely on a course book, and will employ a balanced approach by using it alongside created and authentic materials. Ideally, I would like to reach a stage in my future teaching career where I am able to create my own syllabus from scratch, but I imagine that when I am starting out, I will benefit from incorporating a course book as a guide for my lessons, and will omit, replace, supplement and adapt material as necessary while I build a portfolio of created and appropriate authentic materials.