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As one of the questions for this test stated, the teacher's attitude in class has a direct and profound effect on the students in class and their ability to focus and learn. In the first lesson, the teacher had a dry and boring approach to his teaching and kept saying that what he was teaching was easy - this is never really advisable because it sets an unfair and unrealistic standard for the students that will invariably cause some students to feel intimidated with the lesson because they may feel they aren't smart enough or lagging behind because the lesson is supposed to be 'easy'. The second video showed the teacher smiling during much of the time, using the student's names, and using hand gestures; all of which help students feel more relaxed and open to engaging with the teacher learning a language that is foreign to them. Having a pleasant demeanor, being patient, speaking clearly and slowly, and giving clear instructions is paramount to success in the classroom both for teacher and student alike.