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This unit dealt with the question of whether teachers should plan their lessons. The answer according the the content in the unit is that it's all about finding the right balance. On the one hand too much planning can make the lessons a little stiff. On the other hand, however, if a teacher does not make use of lesson plans, then the lesson can become aimless. A well designed lesson plan is one that is flexible, and helps as a map for the teacher to guide the students with specific goals in mind. It also serves the purpose of keeping a record of the progress that the teacher and students are making. There are several methods to write a lesson plan, and every teacher must discover the one he or she preffers. It is important that they steer away from scripting the whole lesson and keep in mind that they have to be flexible to make adjustments according to how students are handling all the information. The lesson plan is a backbone that should support learning, and NOT get in the way of it.