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R.B. - Canada said:
This was the final unit in a series of units concentrating on grammar in the English language, and in this case it focused on modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, relative clauses and the passive voice respectively. In comparison to the previous units focusing on grammar, I found these grammatical terms easier to comprehend, with some prior knowledge regarding the passive and active voices. The difference in the uses of passive voice and active voice is an aspect of English grammar that I think I will try to introduce to some of my more capable ESL students; specifically focusing on the use of not knowing the subject of the action within a sentence (for example, Last week a man had his suitcase stolen.). However, prior to the study of this unit, I knew very little about the different Phrasal verbs of the English language (Intransitive, Transitive separable and Transitive inseparable ? respectively). This terminology and their correct uses is something that could be quite difficult for ESL learners to grasp, but I think with careful consideration and introduction phrasal verbs slowly and naturally into our classes together it may be more successful.