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E. R. - U.S.A. said:
Past tenses talk about actions that take place in the past. Past simple verbs are very easy. However, students must memorize the irregular verb forms as there is not clue or trick to this. some irregular verb forms are: do/did, swim,swam, drink, drank, go, went, was,were We use simple past when the past action time is provided in the sentence: I walked to the shop this morning. When the action happens at a definite time but there is no time provided. I met my mother-in-law. Past continuous verbs tell us the action is in progress in the past. Interruption past actions require past continuous: I walked to the store while my husband was doing the laundry. It is possible to use without a time expression like: I was studying for this test. Past perfect tense uses had plus the past participle. Often times after and when are used in these sentences. I told my husband that I had worked for Microsoft. Past perfect continuous is not an action which we commonly use but it helps to understand how to use this expression correctly. Subject _ had _ been + verb +ing It is used to talk about actions that last longer in the past and have been going on continuously up to a moment in the past. Before going to bed, I had been brushing my hair for quite some time.