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H.A. - Guatemala said:
1. Overview of Unit 13 Unit 13 deals with pronunciation and phonology. TEFL teachers are urged to give time for pronunciation, stress and intonation in the classroom. The three patterns of intonation - the rise/fall intonation, fall/rise intonation and the level (flat) intonation are explained and illustrated together with techniques for indicating and teaching intonation. Stress on words and syllables as well as techniques for indicating and teaching stress are explained. The phenomenon of sound joining in speaking is discussed. Lastly the phonemic alphabet and articulation and the manner of articulation are examined. 2. What I learnt The importance of pronunciation is emphasized and I do appreciate it and take it at heart. It is quite a difficult topic to teach therefore I learnt a lot from the practical lesson on phonology. It not only gives me a good example of a phonology lesson but actually also an example of good teacher/students relationship, the engaging with students, moving from one ESA phase to the next in a natural way and doing all this in a most relaxed and humorous manner! This is very obviously a teacher with experience, caring not only about his teaching but even more about the students and their learning. (Back to lesson 1!) Definitely an example I would like to follow...