TESOL Maryland

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S.C. – U.S.A. said:
This unit provided a breakdown in lesson planning, as well s many helpful examples. The key to lesson plans are to keep them as brief and flexible as possible, while still having all the details necessary to be able to fluidly conduct the class while staying on track and meeting our student and teacher objectives. This is best accomplished when you clearly (and briefly) define the teacher and learner goals, anticipated problems (and solutions) and procedures used in class step by step, as well as each procedure's ESA Phase, estimated time for completion, and Interaction Group (be it Teacher-Student, Student-Student, or Students individually). In addition to planning the lessons themselves, it is important to write out reviews after the day's class is through, to note any problem areas in need of improvement, as well as how far along the learners have come in regards to their objectives. It may be necessary to re-evaluate future lesson plans in order to ensure the class stays on track to learn the entire coursework (for example, some lessons may be understood sooner than expected, and you can move onto the next unit, while others may require more class periods than previously imagined to guarantee material absorption.