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M.T. – U.S.A. said:
Productive skills include speaking and writing. In speaking, both fluency and accuracy are equally important. Accuracy is related to the correct usage of language, whereas fluency is with regards to using the language in creative ways. Different types of activities focusing on accuracy and fluency as well as a sample speaking ESA lesson are given in this unit. I find these helpful because they serve as springboards for bouncing ideas off as I design my own lessons. In writing, the instructor needs to cover things such as handwriting (something new and surprising I learned), spelling, layout and punctuation, as well as provide opportunities for and encourage creative writing. From my teaching experiences,however, I find that the most daunting aspect of writing for almost every student is grammar. The sample creative writing ESA lesson in this unit again give me ideas for my own lessons in writing. Finally, the discussion of using games in the classroom and the list of popular games one can adapt for different purposes in the ESL classroom are wonderful resources as an instructor needs a variety to activities to keep the students engaged.