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Although not compulsory, Lesson Planning is an essential part to help the teacher (especially inexperienced) to deliver a well organised lesson. By writing down a lesson plan, the teacher will follow the basic principles (such as procedure, timing, phases, objectives for both learners and teacher) in order to offer a well-structured lesson. Ideally, the teacher will fill in a lesson plan table prior a lesson or a sequence of lessons and also use evaluation and self-evaluation sheets to keep records of learners? progress and the teacher?s effectiveness in a view to improve future lessons.In this unit we saw how we can use the ESA structure to teach new vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. I is important to take into account the language level of the group and the subject we want to teach in choosing our specific structure and which methods we use within that structure. We got a good number of possible activities for each phase and how different ESA structures are more suitable for certain subjects than others. It gives a good idea of how to structure the class in a very specific and practical way to teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions successfully.