TESOL Monticello Wisconsin

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Evaluation of the student's progress and abilities are needed by the teacher so he/she can best address gaps in the student's knowledge. The unit suggests using tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests to assess how well the class is learning. Some schools and learning centers will require tests be given to show to the parents and school how well the student has learned the curriculum. Testing should cover all four skills; speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Some teachers may be preparing their students for external tests which are more formal tests for entrance into universities or colleges. Or, they may be tests for employment or advancement in a business. It is important to know what the student is aiming for in learning English. At this point, I plan to use my knowledge to teach informally in the Philippines. Everyone there wants to speak better English and I want to help them. Taking training so I am better prepared to help is my reason for taking this course.