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G.K. - U.S.A. said:
Throughout a teacher's career, they may encounter students of various levels and backgrounds, and the teacher must take both of those into account. The easiest, of course, are those at the intermediate levels or higher since they already have some proficiency with English. However, their motivation level may vary from very eager to practically non-existent. Not only that, but they may have acquired some bad habits that the teacher must take note of. As always, the teacher must strive to maintain engagement to better allow these students to learn. Beginners, or those that have very basic English skills present another set of problems. The teacher must be far more visual with this group than those that are more advanced. Not only that, but these lessons are far more likely to take longer since the students have little to no foundation, and the the teacher is having to instill such a foundation. I can imagine that simply stating one's name might take a full lesson or three. Business people are a special category with their own challenges. They may range greatly in age, English ability, and motivation. They may even feel resentment for having to attend the class in their free time. All these must be considered, and sometimes, the teacher must relent, and make their lesson less challenging.