TESOL Moulton Heights Alabama

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Generally, in order to get the natural language acquisition, all learners need as much exposure to the language as possible and they should be able to discover and understand it efficiently while being encouraged, motivated, evaluated, and corrected. To all the mentioned factors, this unit provides a considerable deal of information for EFL/ESL teachers. \"Unit 3\" basically focuses on different methodologies concerning both teaching and learning. Some of the initial teaching theories such as \"CLT, CLL, The silent way, and Suggestopaedia\" which could be regarded as the most beneficial ones are included in a method called \"ESA\". It is considered as the most effective and logical methodology as it has a great deal of flexibility and variety when it comes to different language levels as well as teaching and learning conditions. Additionally, some techniques related to giving feedback and correction are suggested in this unit by which teachers will be able to achieve a successful class.