TESOL Mount Airy Georgia

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This unit proposes us a very interesting subject such as the teaching of vocabulary, grammar and functions, that are considered as the three principal aspects of a language. About the teaching of vocabulary the teacher has always to select the words to teach bearing in mind factors such as the appropriacy to the students or task, the frequency/coverage of use and the teachability. The teaching of the grammatical structures involves that the students will know exactly the meaning, use, forms/patterns and spoken/written form of the structure that the teacher is going to teach, whereas the learning of language functions implies that a student will know everything about functions such as inviting, refusing, etc. I've learnt also which are the best ways to convey each of these aspects. For example, a \"Straight Arrow\" ESA lesson with regard to vocabulary, a \"Patchwork\" ESA lesson for grammar and a \"Boomerang\" ESA lesson for language functions.