TESOL Imbaba

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J.S. – U.S. said:
This unit concentrated on the use of course materials either materials that the teacher produces or that comes in the form of a course book or syllabus or through authentic materials from everyday life. The unit describes the advantages and disadvantages and things to watch for when selecting what materials to use. Things like using authentic materials where they are more current and can be selected to grasp the interest of your particular students you must select it carefully to ensure that the language is not too advanced and therefore would compromise your student's confidence. Similarly when selecting a course book you should select it carefully to ensure it meets the needs of your students, can be purchased easily and it within a typical budget of the students in your area or country. A course book can be a great addition for a new teacher to help guide them but should not be the only material you use. At the same time it cannot be that you only use the book occasionally or the students will wonder why they spent the money on the book in the first place.