TESOL Nagoya

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B.A. – Italy said:
This unit outlines and explains the grammar points dealing with conditional statements and questions as well as reported speech. The conditional statements specifically deal with the word if, and it discusses the verb tenses depending on the situation. To help remember these tenses, there are 5 different conditional types that help us. From 0 conditional to the 3rd conditional, as well as the mixed conditional that allows us to adjust our if;then statement if the situation doesn't specifically fit the first 4. The exercises they give us to activate this lesson with our students ranges from simple matching exercises that are effective with the first 2 conditionals that are more concrete like 'If I look at the sun too long, I will go blind,' while the moral exercises are more suited to the more abstract 2nd, 3rd, and mixed conditionals like, if 'I didn't skip school, I would have had a good job when I was older.' The final stage of the lesson deals with reported statements. I think I learned the most from this, as I've used one or two of these forms incorrectly. The chart that explains that present simple turns to past simple, or that past perfect stays the same really helped me a lot.