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The unit introduces the most challenging topic in English langauge teaching. Pronunciation and phonology are frequently omitted by teachers because there are a lot of other important things to be taught such as grammar and vocabulary. However, if teachers want to make their students sound like a native speakers, these topics cannot be neglected. It seems that the most useful way of teaching pronunciation is drilling and choral repetiton. Visualisation also plays a considerable role in teaching pronunciation and phonology.The most difficult unit yet. Extremely complex and something I haven't known much about until now and to be honest have neglected in many of my lessons. Now that I know more about it I will definitely integrate this into my lesson plans. This unit talks about the various ways that we pronounce words in English and the way that we produce sounds through our mouth and vocal chords. It also tells us about the phonemic alphabet and how we can use this to help students understand the various sounds in the English language.