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M.L. - Korea said:
Unit 15 discusses about methods of knowing students' English level, i.e. tutorials, individual evaluation, and tests. Instead of giving tutorials one-on-one, teachers can use the last 10 minutes of the class for review and answering questions that the students have. Besides tutorials, students can fill in questionnaire or join in class discussion to evaluate the course and areas they need more help on (such as grammar, speaking, writing, or reading skills). Another way to identify students' English level is through tests. Tests can be further classified into 5 different ones. Placement tests are given before the start of a course to examine students' English skills to begin with. They usually consist of grammar drills, writing with a minimum number of words, and speaking tests in the form of interview. Progress tests are useful for evaluating students' acquired knowledge and skills and for teachers to prepare next lessons' materials and topics. They are given several times throughout a course. Diagnostic tests are similar to placement tests while practice tests prepare students to take external exams (such as TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge exams).