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J.J. - China said:
In this unit we learn about the use , advantages , disadvantages of a course book as well as its materials and supplemented materials teacher may add if/when necessary. Let?s start with the materials, it can be divided into two different groups; authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are thing of everyday life, ex; magazines, newspapers, songs, TV etcetera and created materials are materials created by the teacher to the specific needs and levels of the students. When using authentic materials are used the teacher has to keep in mind that these materials were not designed for EFL students and they should be selected and use them carefully. When it comes to the course books we learnt that it consists of a set of materials and that there are advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a course book it should be analysed very critically. What I have learnt is that again there?s a fine balance when using materials and course books. A teacher shouldn?t fully rely on only the course book and materials and always be open to supplement and replace wit authentic or created materials. When supplementing or replacing the materials should always be designed or used according to the students? ability and level.