TESOL Norco Louisiana

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The general framework that serves to structure and organize our understanding of language learning is the Engage, Study, Activate model. Engage presents a new context and communicative feature that stretches the limits of student competence. It intrinsically stimulates the desire to gain the next level. From my own experience as a language learner, I believe the next phase, Study, can also be thought of as Distill and Impart. The learning point surfaces or is approached organically, and the teacher then presents, reflects, or spotlights/amplifies it. At this point it can be Studied Practiced, and Activated in the last phase. I believe it is important to highlight this phase as Distill, in that this phrase speaks to What the teacher does. The flow of learning is from the teacher to student, analogous to the traditional audio-lingualism model--while operating within a broader framework of eliciting and involving the students as active learners. Note: All Rights Reserved, Copywrite 2017 Andrew Scott.