TESOL North Pekin Indiana

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In this unit we examine how writing and speaking skills are very different but used for the same purpose to communicate. Speaking focuses on two major parts: accuracy and fluency. Accuracy tends to be more controlled as it's aim is specific (correct answers, pronunciation, etc.) while fluency is aimed at more creativity, comfort, and flow on using the language. An example of an accuracy activity would be drills or model dialogues and an example of a fluency activity would be debates or free role-play. Writing is often relegated for homework as it may seem to be a lot dead or quiet time in class. While it's not the best idea to focus the entire class time on just writing, it should not be overlooked and should be incorporated in moderation. The focus on writing is mainly on spelling, grammar, and handwriting. The ultimate goal whether it is through writing or speaking, is to communicate and the lesson plan using ESA approach should contain activities and tasks that focus on each of these skills.