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J.A. - Italy said:
The productive skills are speaking and writing. When we teach speaking skills we can use a controlled , a giude or a creative activity. A controlled speaking activity is an accurancy based activity in which the language is controlled by the teacher and so there is a high level of structure. It's usually used for the study phase. A guide activity is an accurancy based activity, is used for the study or the activate phase and there is less structure than the controlled activity. Then there is the creative activity used in the activate stage and it's based on the fluency. We can use a straight arrow ESA lesson where the study phase is focus on pre-teaching lacks in knowledge (vocabulary-grammar) and the activate phase is the main speaking activity of the lesson. Writing is more formal than speaking. When we teach writing skills we need to teach also some subskills that are the handwriting, the spelling and the punctuation bacause some languages have no punctuation or they can use symbols instead than letters. The students have to know that they can be creative or formal based on what they need to write. We can teach writing skills using a straight arrow ESA. To increase engagment of the students during the lesson we can use some games that can be adapted to our purpose like jeopardy or naughts and crosses.