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A.T. - Canada said:
Wow, what a difference! The first lesson example was downright embarrassing. The teacher used linguistic jargon and elicited examples without explaining the concept. He continually exclaimed that the concept was easy although he didn't explain it and the students were obviously confused. When some students attempted answers, he shot them down and when he asked for questions, he said he didn't understand and asked for more questions. He spent too much time with his back to the class; confused \"can\" and \"could\"; gave no praise; didn't offer time estimates or explanations for worksheets before handing them out; and encouraged no group discussions so it was very teacher-centered. As a student, I would feel like the class was a huge waste of time and I was better off learning from a book. The second lesson was much much much much better! The teacher was enthusiastic, engaged the students, held the activities long enough that students not only practiced can/can't but they learned animal vocabulary and adjectives and they enjoyed themselves. This time the teacher provided visual aids and explained the worksheets as well as addressing individuals, giving examples and giving praise. The imaginary animal activity was a fun way to round it off.