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S.V. - U.S. said:
It is very interesting to see the two lessons and to observe the two significantly different outcomes of students' participation in class. In the first lesson, the teacher started with repeating 'modals' but no one understood the grammar term even though the students might have known \"can and can't\". Also, the teacher intimidated the students by repeatedly commenting that this is easy and anyone can do it. The students were completely lost and was afraid to participate and looked nervous. There was no Engage phase. The teacher simply wrote the examples of modals without any interactions with the students. The students worked on the worksheets individually. Whereas the second lesson, the teacher started with a very friendly manner. He remembered everyone's name, encouraged them, and included all students in the lesson. After having students to come up with as many animals as they can think of (with the help of drawings, miming, and a little hints) in the engage phase, he introduced \"can/can't\" by showing the actions such as walk, jump, climb, etc. and proceeded to the study phase. Then, followed by the Activate phase which was to create an imaginary super animal. Thus, it was a very good straight arrow ESA lesson. He grouped students in pairs and had them work together. He was giving students clear time limits, his instructions were pretty clear, and he was always smiling. As a result, the students looked comfortably learning. Thus, the second lesson was clearly effective.