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J.H. - U.S.A. said:
In this lesson I learned about possibilities to teach Conditionals and Reported Speech. Conditionals are sentences that contain \"if\" or similar expressions, which express the possibility of something happening in the future or present. In sentences, the \"if\" clause contains a condition that has to be satisfied before an action in the main clause can happen. The 5 main conditions are: Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed Conditional. Every one of them has its own rule of how the condition must be expressed to sensefully frame a main clause. Understanding the differences between direct and indirect speech and how to form them appropriately is also a crucial point for improving students ability to express theirselves in English. As these sentence structures contain many different grammar points, the Conditionals may at first seem very complex and intimidating to students of the English language. Therefore the teacher has to be sensitive and use well picked class acitivities such as splitted sentences, completing tasks or role plays. Working in groups or pairs may also be a good activity when teaching Reported Speech as students can build up their sentences depending on what the others say. A slow and well structured approach to the new forms can also make it easier for students to make sense out of both topics.