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M.T. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 16 covers conditionals and reported speech. The section on conditionals presents the idea that these structures are two part sentences involving an \"if\" clause and a second clause that shows the possible/impossible outcome if the \"if\" clause is or isn't met. Having studied two Romance languages I am aware of the subjunctive tense and its diminished role in English. The Second conditional pattern with \"If I were,..\" I have always believed to be an example of subjunctive tense in a conditional sentence since \" I were\" is not any past tense that I am aware of. Just an observation. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading the section on conditionals as it presented the main conditional sentence forms in an ordered way. The second section on reported speech presents the various tense patterns used when reporting or quoting a second party. Like the first section it also gives some good examples of exercises for teaching this grammar. Reported speech is definitely a grammar point that is incorrectly rendered in English and this section does a good job at presenting it in a coherent way.