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J.G. - U.S.A. said:
There are many different types and levels of English learners and your teaching techniques will change with each. The way you teach and how you present the information will change. For example, what and how you teach young children will be much different than if you were to teach a Business English class. Both groups interests will vary and how you keep their attention will also vary. Playing a lot of games and and keeping the activities short and upbeat is important when teaching young learners. This may not be the case when teaching a Business English class. You still want to make the class interesting but because your students will be older and have a wider range of ages, certain games or activities may bore or not challenge older students enough. The way you teach a group versus teaching an individual will also affect how you teach. When it is just one student and a teacher, you would not give the student an activity where they need to find information from other students. Instead, you should have activities that focus on speaking with the teacher or that the student can do on their own and then may present their results to the teacher for further discussion. All in all, teachers must be flexible in their teaching techniques and must be able to adapt depending on the type of student(s) they are teaching.