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Like in Unit 11, the differences between oral and paper communications is usefully highlighted (eg. speaking ?on the spot? and writing ?giving reflexion time?). Controlled, guided and creative activities are examined with examples. Other aspects are discussed (eg. handwriting). I will teach in Thailand so I have a particular interest in the aspects developed (different alphabet, absence of punctuation that II notice nearly all the time in their English writing). The list of conventional games which can be adapted is a rich source of material, particularly as I didn?t know some of them!It is essential and most helpful to have the aims and objectives of this Business English teaching course clearly presented along with a glossary of precise terms used in English teaching to avoid misinterpretation. A whole range of specific areas of English teaching exist where this course can be implemented to good use, whether opportunities exist to practice teaching to private clients or on a 'one to one' basis, in a language school or center, or in a company or 'in house' setting. The unit contents provided new ideas as well as refreshing previous knowledge pertaining to English teaching.